Welcome to Six Degrees

a private members only club created for entrepreneurial women

Created by Sarah Jepson, Linda Horner and Louise Glanville, the aim of Six Degrees is to connect its membership community of likeminded business women for mutually beneficial purposes.

Open, friendly and driven by a desire to envelope its members in a collaborative environment, Six Degrees offers a confidential space where relationships can be built, nurtured and enjoyed. 
Being an active member is important as the success of the group depends and relies on its members committing to a level of participation. But don’t worry, it isn’t exhaustive and we certainly don’t set anyone with targets! 
Like the sound of Six Degrees and want to find out more? Drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you. 

Why we exist


We’re all busy, but we promise our events will be worth bumping off another mediocre networking event for. From private dinners in unusual places where we can converse in confidence, to sipping champagne and chowing down on pizza slices (yes, Champagne served with pizza!), we’re offering something a little different to the norm, and we’re proud to! 


Six Degrees is all about helping its members grow, whether that’s personally or professionally. Key to the culture is a willingness of its members to be generous with introductions. So, get ready to dust off your trumpet and make a fanfare-esque introduction for your fellow Six Degrees member. 


Offering encouragement to members is something really valued at Six Degrees. Running your own or being involved in business at a high level doesn’t come without its hurdles and challenges, and we could all do with a support network from time to time. Plus, who doesn’t love a group hug (ok, just us then….?)


Another important element to the group is bringing business opportunities to the table. Whether this is something you’re hoping to get off the ground and you’re hoping to raise investment, or you know of other entrepreneurial opportunities that may benefit the membership community, the Six Degrees Investors Circle would love to hear about it.

Our events

We host a series of events, throughout all of them, our aim is to keep numbers intimate but always fun, relaxed, confidential and with likeminded women.


Sarah has 20 years experience delivering strategic and creative marketing for national and international brands. As MD for a successful and fast growing marketing and PR agency, Sarah has an entrepreneurial mindset.

Sarah Jepson

Linda is a business development consultant and works for Wilkinson Grant & Co in their land and acquisitions department. She is founder and co-owner of Crocketts in Exeter, No.3 in Topsham and The West Quarter in Exeter.

Linda Horner

Louise has worked in the property industry for nearly 20 years, she currently works for an international property company and believes it is important to encourage women in the workplace and by cheerleading one another, great things can happen.

Louise Glanville


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