Is it time to take yourself out of your comfort zone?

Six Degrees’ founder, Sarah Jepson, shares how her decision to take her ideas from running around her mind, to acting on them, has given her a renewed energy and sense of direction.

This year, I made a pledge that I would not live the same year twice.

That’s not to say 2021 was a bad year by any means, only I have had things bubbling away – ambitions and dreams – that I hadn’t yet truly acted on, or at least I hadn’t acted on them with the verve and energy they would need to be the success they deserved to be.

So, to help with making things move forward and to give myself time to grow, I joined the Female Entrepreneurs Association and in addition, signed up to a 12 week course called ‘Create and Sell’ which is going to help with shaping the future of Six Degrees, as well as other future ventures.

I will admit, clicking the ‘buy now’ button was nerve-wracking (parting with a not insubstantial pot of cash) and also knowing there would be a significant time investment,  I deliberated whether to go for it for about 24hrs. But, when I sat and contemplated ‘what’s causing the indecision’ it was a case of the inner demon of self-doubt once more rearing its ugly head. Imposter syndrome was in full swing, but, if I was to succeed with making my life change, I had to stamp on the seeds of doubt and forge forward. 

For at least 5 years I had wanted to create Six Degrees and I have always wanted to be a serial entrepreneur, I knew that wasn’t going to happen if I didn’t back myself. Joining the FEA and embarking on ‘Create and Sell’ was just one way of me saying “I have got this!!”  

One of the tasks I had to complete ahead of the course starting was to write a letter to myself about my fears and hopes and what it might feel like when I complete the course (which is emailed back to me in 12 weeks’ time). I also had to write on my journal the following message:

“I commit to creating and launching something incredible, something I am proud of. I commit to being courageous, I commit to making my dreams happen. I commit to showing up for them and getting help when I need it.”

Writing the email and the statement of intent and pledging to commit to those words have been incredibly powerful already – and I am only in week 1 of the course.

I am feeling energised…. excited and curious….

If any of the above resonates with you or you’re on the edge deliberating whether to take the leap of faith on yourself/going for your dreams, this is my call to you to jump with both feet and to not look back.

Be bold.

Be courageous.

Live an intentional life.

Here are some of the changes I am making to help change my life:

  • Getting up one hour earlier every day 
  • Filling in ‘the high performer’ journal/planner every day
  • Spending time every morning manifesting and visualising my dreams/intentions 
  • Created a vision board that I look at every day on my desk 
  • Positive statements all around my house (on post-its!) so I am constantly reading about my ambitions!
  • Meditating for ten minutes every day (thanks to daily prompts from fellow Six Degrees’er Helen Plumridge)

And if you need an accountability partner or a cheerleader, DM me! I am here to encourage anyone wanting to change their life! Why not write a letter to yourself via too, writing down your wishes is super powerful!