Lunch & Learn with branding genius, Kayleigh Lloyd

Thursday 15th September, midday – 2pm

Harry’s, Exeter

On Thursday 15th September we will be welcoming the incredible Kayleigh Lloyd to Six Degrees for her debut appearance in our regular Lunch & Learn series (we’re sure she will be a regular!) 

Building on the theme of gaining confidence and owning your personality (and its quirks), Kayleigh will show you how to focus on these unique attributes and turn them into a powerful visual brand. Recognised as the creator of colourful brands for ambitious founders, Kayleigh has helped a variety of fearless women elevate their brand with passion and purpose.This lunch & learn will act a little more like a workshop and is all about inspiring curiosity and connection with your brand, to gain a new level of empowerment and confidence in your visual identity. We will start by focusing on your unique attributes, looking at your passions, brand story and personality, then utilising them to attract your dream clients. You will gain behind-the-brand clarity to strategically evolve and strengthen your brand and gain insight into the process Kayleigh uses to create a unique and impactful identity.

Kayleigh Lloyd

About Kayleigh

After 13 years in the design industry, working for global companies on their branding and marketing collateral, Kayleigh, like many with the pandemic, decided to take her shot and create her own business.

“I’ve spent over a decade working as a designer in agencies across London and Bristol with blue-chip companies and helping them connect with their audience through their visual brand and creating that human connection. I now help female founders do this by recognising their true personality and unique energy and reflecting it through a fully layered brand.”

Feeling brave? 

Kayleigh is offering to look over a couple of your websites and social platforms to see how strong your brand is and where you could look to elevate it next! Just message Kayleigh to let her know you’re up for the challenge!