Emily McGuirk

Emily is an actress, teacher, health and wellness business owner and last year created Small Steps Big Vision. She is a self-love advocate, championing people to love who they are, know what’s important to them, and possess the confidence to say ‘yes’ to opportunity.

Emily is passionate about empowering people with a range of strategies, exercises and tools, to help keep feelings of unworthiness, comparison and inadequacy at bay. Strategies that she wished she had been taught at school, rather than stumbling across them in her 30’s in a bid to find joy and purpose.

Sophie Wedlock-Smith

Sophie Wedlock-Smith is the owner and founder of SW Nutrition, a certified Nutritional Therapist, passionate about helping people achieve great health through diet and lifestyle changes. She helps busy professional women in their 30’s upwards and specialises in natural weight loss, anti-aging, balancing of hormones and boosting the immune system while reducing chronic pain.

Sophie has personally beaten cancer and overcome a stroke, and this makes her truly empathetic. She has had to struggle for her survival after being in a coma and having numerous operations. She has beaten all the odds and learnt to walk again after being told by her consultants to accept being in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

Sophie’s vision is to inspire and educate individuals to take ownership of their own health using simple methods. “My aim is to get you 100% healthy by designing an interactive plan that fits your individual needs, lifestyle and preferences. While making the journey to your ultimate health goal, achievable, enjoyable and fun.”

For more information please visit www.swnutritionuk.com or email Sophie at: enquiries@swnutritionuk.com

Sophie Wedlock-Smith